The Emoji Guide to Investing


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The Emoji Guide to Investing

The world loves an emoji. If you don’t know what an emoji is, it’s a little icon (normally yellow) you see people using in messages and emails. The most popular one in the world (according to Emojipedia) is ‘😂’.

Over the past 5 months, though, there are certainly times when ‘😂’ hasn’t been the right emoji to sum up how we’re feeling during the COVID-19 crisis. There are times when you might have felt a bit ‘😟’.

What is it?

In 2018, a financial planner named Andrew Neligan raised money for charity by sharing an Emoji Guide to Investing. This is a bit of fun designed to show how most investors feel when the markets are rising and falling compared with ‘The Successful Investor’:

It’s the same message we’ve been shouting about for years – ignore the noise. As you can see, the successful investor has the same ‘😐’ expression throughout the various ups and downs. Focus on what you can control and keep calm, and carry on.

Many investors, on the other hand, may have expressed a whole range of emotions, from excited ‘😝’ to shocked ‘😮’, followed by anguish ‘😩’ then anger ‘😡’ then hope ‘🙏’ before the cycle starts all over again…

They must be exhausted!

Ignore the noise.

We don’t know what the future is going to look like, and we can’t control most of it, so why worry about it? Back the fundamentals of a working market and get on with life. We’re only here once.

When investing your capital is at risk and your money can go up as well as down at all times. You may get back less than what you put in. This blog does not constitute regulated advice, for financial advice please contact a trusted financial adviser.