Proper financial planning is like building and owning your dream home. Meeting with an expert to set your vision, approving the design, building it and then maintaining it. This is how we do it.

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1. Meet & Greet

Well first of all it starts with our Postcard Promise. We’ll meet with you (at our expense), and if we cannot provide you with value for money we will walk away there and then. It won’t cost a penny for you; nil, nada, zilch. At this meeting we’ll discuss the likely costs to you for proceeding, take some basic details and set some future goals.


2. Design

Our team will develop and design a tailored financial plan to your specific needs and goals. This takes around 3-6 weeks. Why’s that? Because this is not a one size fits all approach; this is financial advice as it should be. We’ll search the entire marketplace for the perfect solutions for you.


3. Agreement

After the 3-6 week period we’ll meet again. This time we’ll show you all of our design work and clearly explain the reasons behind any recommendations we make to you to improve your wellbeing. As professional advisers, we make suggestions to you and provide you with clear, understandable advice; it’s completely up to you whether you want to take it.

4. Build

4. Build

If you decide to proceed with our advice we’ll do all the legwork for you and implement your perfect plan. Our design and build costs are fair, transparent and they’re detailed right here;

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Design Your Financial Plan


Implementation Fees

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Investment Recommendation

2% on the first £75,000, 1% on any amount above that.

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Pension Recommendation

3% on the first £75,000, 2% on the next £75,000 and 1% on any amount above that.

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Pension Transfer from a Defined Benefit Scheme

3% on the first £250,000 and 1% on any amount above that.

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We’re paid by commission from the insurer which is reflected in the premiums quoted to you

5. Maintain

Things change. Whether it’s tax legislation, a new job or the loss of a loved one, life happens. It’s therefore of paramount importance that you regularly update us and we’ll look after you. Our annual servicing costs and features are explained below.


0.95% per annum of any invested assets (capped at £4,950).


What do you get for this?

  • Annual tracking meeting
  • Bi-Annual online meeting
  • Anytime access to your advisory team via the phone and email